The World Wide Will

Will McKee So, what is so special about me and why should I be writing travel tips? Well, from an educational credentials stand-point, I have a Bachelors degree in journalism and an MBA in international marketing – which included a short stint studying at the Center for Regional Graduate Studies in Prague. Professionally, prior to my tenure here at Medjet I spent ten years as executive vice president of a nationally-recognized boutique-creative shop and full-service public relations firm that specialized in the tourism and healthcare industries. So, writing about and promoting the joy of travel has been my passion and my job since the very beginning.

The amazing part is that I have been fortunate enough to travel all over the world exploring different cultures, tasting exotic foods and meeting amazing people. My parents sent me off on my first trip traveling alone when I was fifteen years old and I have not stopped since. I have seen most of the U.S., traveled to every continent except for two and I have dipped my toes in five of the seven seas and many of the mightiest rivers on Earth. Exploration is in my blood and travel is my driving force. And, ever since that first bit of travel advice my mother imparted upon me as she boarded me on the plane to Aspen I have longed to learn from and share with other travelers. This single fact alone is why The World Wide Will is so exiting and important to me, because it is based on the fundamental premise of sharing and learning about the world around us and the best ways to navigate it.