A Traveler’s Best Friend

A Traveler’s Best Friend

By Dr. William E. Carlson, MedFlash Chief Medical Officer

One of the biggest nightmares a frequent traveler can face is falling ill or experiencing an injury while away from home. With no reliable way to ensure that the attending physician has the medical information they need, travelers are often left to wonder if they are receiving safe, effective care.

Pat Brooks has experienced such an event first hand. However, the use of his MedFlash® personal health manager made a world of difference in his care process.

“While I was visiting Tennessee in September, I became very ill with bronchitis. Not knowing any doctors, I stopped in at the Emergency Center, which was only a couple of blocks from my hotel, for treatment. They admitted that they never used a USB flash drive to obtain a medical record prior to my visit. However, because of my medical record, the nurse called the number on my unit,” he said. “The doctor commented that because the nurse was able to obtain vital information that he needed to treat me, he was able to provide the appropriate care in my case.”

Though Personal Health Records aren’t new, they are garnering increased attention as more emphasis is placed on getting patients more actively involved in their healthcare. In its most basic form, a PHR is simply a collection of an individual’s past and present health information gathered from multiple sources, including physicians and maintained by the patient or caregiver. This typically includes a list of significant illnesses and surgeries, medications, allergies, treatment or therapy updates, x-rays, laboratory reports, immunization records, consent and authorization forms, insurance information and emergency contacts.

Medjet now offers an interactive Electronic Personal Health Manager – MedFlash. MedFlash can be a lifesaving tool for travelers, as you never know when you will be incapacitated or injured. MedFlash is the next-generation of PHR and is much more than an electronic filing cabinet. In fact, it’s not a PHR at all. It’s an Electronic Personal Health and Wellness Manager (ePHM) that delivers a highly personalized and interactive health and wellness experience that puts the member – consumer in control.

MedFlash offers many exciting features:

Portability for on-the-go or emergency access: This remains a critical component in any PHM system but unless it’s portable, its value is severely limited. MedFlash offers multiple ways to enter and access the your health profile data stored inside the PHR, including web portals, smart phone applications and an encrypted USB drive along with a 24/7/365 emergency hotline. In an instant, ePHR’s provide paramedics and emergency room staffs with access to  the information they need to properly provide care when a traveler is incapacitated or unresponsive. This flexibility also allows MedFlash to easily transport information between their primary care and specialty care physicians.

Integration: MedFlash works with smart phones and your emergency records will synchronize with “smart” your chronic conditions can continuously without having to manually enter the information into the system.

Internet access: MedFlash also connects members to a wealth of trusted medical information available from multiple sources along with 24/7 access to clinical/nursing support through our Fone Med Program. Access to live support is an important component, particularly in times of emergency. MedFlash offers a 24/7 call center as a supplement to its I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) feature that provides access to a subscriber’s emergency medical profile and health information.

To become a Medjet MedFlash subscriber call 1-800-527-7478 and become proactive in managing your health and wellness along with having your emergency information at your family’s fingertips 24/7.

The Medjet MedFlash program is only $24.95 for the 1st year and then just $14.95 thereafter. However, it’s available at no cost to Medjet Plus Members. Please call for details.